4 Reasons To Choose Real Antiques Over Reproductions And "Inspired" Decor

Do you love antique and vintage decor? You will undoubtedly find a plethora of more modern reproductions and "'vintage inspired" furnishings to fill your home. Many of these will be appealing both in form and in the cheaper price tag. But why should you stick with actual antique pieces? Here are four of the best reasons.  1. The Quality Is Better Antique furniture was generally not mass-produced, and it was not made from sub-par materials.

2019 Interior Design Trend: 4 Hot Carpet Styles That Everyone Wants

While carpet may seem like a modern design trend, the first mill in the United States was actuallybuilt in 1791, not that long after the Revolutionary War. While those first carpets were woven into narrow strips that were hand-stitched together on site, eventually looms grew wider to accommodate the broadloom, or wall-to-wall carpet, that we are accustomed to today.  Interior design trends fluctuate from decade to decade, but the latest trends do not reflect any one style.

4 Decorative Accent Mistakes To Avoid

Finding a decorative piece that you love for your home is awesome. However, when you find piece after piece that you love, and you put them all in your home — the problems start. The issue is that while most people have good intentions, they ultimately make their home look cluttered and less than stylish. Not sure if you're making this mistake; learn more. 1. Arranging Too Many Accents in One Space

3 Tips For Making Your Business Look More Professional

One of the things you can do that will allow you to have a company that gets the respect it deserves is taking time to do some interior design work with it. Of course, you can choose from a variety of styles when it comes to making major or minor adjustments. However, since this is your company, you'll want to be sure to keep the look of it as professional as possible.

Ideas Of Ways To Decorate Your Walls With Picture Frames

Everyone knows that you can purchase picture frames to hang on your walls to display photographs of your family members or friends, but that is not the only way you can use picture frames for decorating your home. There are plenty of other ways you can use them, and selecting the right types of decorative frames is a great way to decorate your home in the following creative ways. Use Magazine Photos or Posters